About Us

In 2008, 3rd Degree Designs was my brainchild. I started making cool tees for friends, family, friends of friends, etc. etc….I even sold some on ebay for extra money. Then I lost my job, my rear end, and my identity in the economic crash later that year. I decided to put my graphic design degree to good use, and 3rd Degree Designs was born. I dove in head first to see if I could actually do it.

I worked out of my garage for years…I started on one side of the garage…and as my business grew I eventually took over both sides…our cars were outside for good. I started with one press…and then two…and then it was the embroidery machine that I couldn’t afford, but made it work…I was determined to do something that I loved; Be my own boss, be creative, and make some cool stuff.

There is nothing better than walking in public and seeing someone pass by wearing something I created….What a rush… a sense of accomplishment…It was really happening…Some people see it a just a shirt or jacket…I view it as my signature.

I’ve long since moved out of the garage and into my own shop, but I will never forget how this all started. I appreciate every bit of business that comes my way…whether it is one shirt or a thousand…

Thank you.